From Reading #522-2 (F 43) given on 6/24/30:

(Question) "Are sand packs beneficial?"
(EC) "Be beneficial, if they are not taken for too great a period of time. Every other day should be sufficient for these, ten to fifteen minutes for such treatment. Wet the body, but cover in dry sand."

From Reading #5475-4 (M 50) given on 7/07/30:

(Question) "How often should sand packs be given?
(EC) "Dependent upon the weather and upon the reactions of the body to same. Not when the sands are damp or wet, are they well for the body."

From Reading #2504-8 (M 64) given on 6/23/30:

(Question) "Would you advise sand packs [for 2504]?"
(EC) "Too much of a stimuli to the capillary circulation, for same. May sweat in the SUN, but wouldn't cover the body with the sand. Too heavy for the heart stimulant."

From Reading #340-12 (F 42) given on 05/26/30:

(Question) "Would you advise sand packs for this body?"
(EC) "No. Now, the differentiation between conditions of this kind and sand packs: WATER - water or salt water baths would be VERY good; not sand packs - for sand packs are to stimulate the capillary circulation, and are more for the EXTERIOR forces - while we are to STIMULATE a circulation that is INTERNAL."

From Reading #3838-1 (M 42) given on 2/18/31:

(Question) "Would some other climate better suit body than at Perry Point, Maryland, upper end of Chesapeake Bay?"
(EC) "The more sunshine, or the more activities that may bring the better condition. As soon as weather permits, as we would find in the present surroundings, sand packs would be the MOST beneficial - that that carries radium and gold."

From Reading #2597-5 (M 61) given on 7/26/29:

(Question) "Which is best for full recuperation of body, northeast United States or Virginia Beach?"
(EC) "Virginia Beach would be where they could set more of the applications as to meet the needs of conditions for the physical forces of the body, in radium as may be obtained in sand packs - which carry both the gold and the iodine and for the appliances that may be applied to the body that would aid in alleviating these conditions as seen in the thyroids."

From Reading #758-18 (M 8) given on 5/24/30:

(Question) "How often should sand packs be given?"
(EC) "About every OTHER day. ...In administering sand packs, first there should be chosen that of dry sand - and preparations made for same, see? Then the body should be wet with sea water, by dampening same - or wading into same - being wet all over - then covered in the sand, of course not the face or the mouth, or eyes, see? Eyes should be kept well shaded during such treatments, and for ten - fifteen to twenty minutes such should be given, with the dry sand - see? Then, IMMEDIATELY after same the body SHOULD be drained off - or bathed off - and REST, see? for fifteen to twenty minutes, at LEAST, SO THAT the body has the OPPORTUNITY to RESPOND TO those vibrations set up; for the pulsation is EQUALIZED by such applications."

From Reading #421-4 (F 21) given on 8/11/31:

"Well, too, that sand packs, or sand baths be taken. These will be helpful and beneficial for the iodine as may be obtained by absorption, through being wet with sea water and immediately covered in DRY WARM sand; not wet - but dry, warm sand, for fifteen to twenty minutes; following same by a fresh bath and a spirited rubdown along the spine."

From Reading #357-1 (F 31) given on 06/16/33:

"Keep in the sunshine a great deal; this is helpful to the body. Also sand rubs, sand packs, would be well. This increases capillary circulation. Wet the body in salt water, cover in dry sand for twenty minutes - it's a good treatment!"