From READING #1800-19    Given on June 28, 1933.

GC: "We seek at this time information regarding the disease known as pyorrhea and its treatment by the preparation suggested through this channel called Ipsab. You will please answer the questions which I will ask about this disease and its remedy."

EC: "Yes, we have information respecting that called pyorrhea and treatment, that compound called Ipsab; these we have had before.

"As given, pyorrhea is a disease resulting from a germ that, more often, is the result of film on the teeth and the lack of proper exercise of the gums.

"Pyorrhea is one of the prices that man pays for food that is cooked or prepared in the soft state.

"For, few of the American Indians showed signs of pyorrhea until at least an advanced age. Few of the Laplanders or Eskimos show signs or results of pyorrhea until an advanced age.

"Then, pyorrhea is one of the oldest disturbances to mankind, where quantities of cooked foods of the mush or soft nature are consumed and little or no activity given gums by tearing or rending raw foods in their original state.

"Foods of all characters when the atomic forces are broken by heat affect the gums, and form upon the teeth a film that is the result of the breath AND digestion of the characters broken in cooking foods.

"Such film makes a place of refuge for that form of bacilli germ that attacks the gums, and produces first the bleeding or irritating state. Eating deeper, it forms receding gums and - eventually, attacking the exposed portion - produces Riggs' disease, or pyorrhea in its advanced state.

"In making research for the preparing and distributing of a remedy for such a universal ailment to mankind, in the present state of experience, it would be well to consider some authorities that have searched out or prepared such remedies for their own use, and to then combine that which may be transposed - without in any form or manner taking some one else's preparation, but use with that which may be given through these channels; for even the findings of the early ones that first set research in earth's experience during those various periods may be given as they are needed - even from Hippolyte (?), Stiltz (?) or Tillson (?) - and these are worth while!

"The preparation that has been given through these sources is for self's own enlightenment, rather than for common knowledge and distribution in a manner as to gain better remuneration from the efforts; but this is scientifically builded, for the basis of the preparation is (when reduced) an alkaloid from that the Indian, the Atlantean, the Egyptian, the Mongolian, knew as toothache bark, or a remedy for infection or a disorder with the teeth or gums - whether from injury or from broken enamel that caused the leakage; hence - being a basis - is a preparation of merit.

"In preparing it, preferably the bark in its original state should be selected. This may be pounded or powdered, but it is not as well in a GROUND state as a pounded or broken state - when allowed to dry. This is first steeped, and - as given - when made to conform to a standard may be made more economical and worth while.

"Hence, when boiled in an earthen or enamel or brass container, it would register - in hydrometer test - to four. With this test, or strength of solution, begin as a base; using either the rain water, snow water or distilled water - or, if convenient, ocean water would be preferable, for this would carry sufficient quantity of the preservative that becomes an active principle in the preservation of foods or flesh (as in this quantity, or this condition) for a body, see? But, when using ocean or sea water, it should be BOILED HARD - see?

"And when this registers as the test, to each OUNCE of solution - whether one ounce or a thousand ounces - add in this proportion per ounce of solution:

"If there is used rain water, snow water, sleet or distilled water, to each ounce add a quarter ounce of salt. If sea water is used, it would not be necessary for any saline to be added to solution.

"As to the other properties, iodine in solution - or atomic iodine that is non-poisonous in its reaction - may be used.

"If Atomidine is used, add - to each ounce - six minims.

"If Tincture of Iodine is used, add - to each ounce - three minims.

"And, in either case, add two minims - to each ounce - Essence of Peppermint.

"This used as a massage to the gums, inside and out, will be found to be effective in any case of pyorrhea or Riggs' disease, where the process has not broken entirely through.

"As a wash, use as given, massaging the gums at least three times each week with the finger or a small piece or tuft of cotton. It will make an effective resistance to the disorder.

"While the solution does not brighten the teeth, it does not - with excessive use - dull the teeth.

"But insist, with the use of such, that at least one meal each day for a patient consist of vegetables NOT cooked but raw; and this will bring to the users a state in the gums that will be most desirable for all.

"It is necessary that the preparation be presented to the public in a way and manner that will appeal.

"To be sure, in extreme cases, the use of the preparation may be more effective with tweezers, so that the solution is put between and around each side of any tooth or molar that shows signs of being affected by pyorrhea.

"Naturally, the character, shape, size of the container should be considered; not so unusual, but very distinctive and individual in itself. The container should not be too large; an ounce or an ounce and a half should be sufficient, but should be used with a screw top to the container, and be in an extra container or carton carrying something of the condition, relative to the effect of pyorrhea upon the general health of an individual and as to how effective a wash can be made with the paste, or the like; for, as we have given, there will never be a better paste made than that combined with these properties indicated - nor any better than plain soda and salt, for a rub with brush."

From READING # 1800-21    Given on November 2, 1934

"As to that which may be given respecting the effect of this solution upon disorders that arise in the gums and in the enamel of the teeth themselves: It is known by scientific research (or so called scientific research) that the accumulations of the film (or you may use, of course, if so desired, the technical name of same - if you desire to be impressive or appear to be verbose in thine own expression of thine knowledge; but better use it in the plain words and let ALL understand) upon the teeth and gums are through the use of cooked and soft food, more by the very fact or act of using very hot and very cold foods or properties in the mouth of an individual. For nature attempts to protect the enamel and the gums themselves from such sudden changes. And this accumulation of foods makes the acids in the system. For we know by the proper tests that the secretions of the salivary glands are of an alkalin nature, and these are turned by the accumulations of decaying or changing food values - or the film's accumulations upon the gums and teeth. Thus there is made place for the germ of what is called Pyorrhea, Rigg's Disease, or such conditions that gradually arise in the mouth. First there is produced an irritation that makes for the loosening of the gum from the enamel. Then there is the accumulation of these same particles of film, and of those secretions that arise in the mouth, just below the edge of the gums; as the heat and cold that arise from the mastication of that taken - or that drunk by a body - makes for the accumulation of these under the edge of the gum itself, where the enamel is not protected so much as that which is in active use by the mastication of foods.

"Now, in the very nature of the teeth, the enamel of same is a secretion of the body itself; as also are the toe nails, the finger nails, the hair of the head, the hair of the body, and the cuticle itself; that ability of the body through any portion where irritation may come - as we find in the hands of those who toil with tools, these are those things that must be created by the body itself. And it should be considered by all: There is no greater factory in the universe than that in a human body in its natural, normal reacting state. For there are those machines or glands within the body capable of producing, from the very air or water and the food values taken into the body, to take from or to reproduce ANY element AT ALL that is KNOWN in the material world!" "What happens when there are those excesses of heat and cold, by the use of hot foods or cold foods; cold drinks more especially, or hot drinks? There is the attack first upon the thin edges of the film of the tissue of the gums themselves.

"Now, in most conditions, especially where the individuals are not kept in an equal balance of the elements within the system itself to produce those activities within the glands that secrete or make for conditions within the body itself for the production of those things that produce the constant growth in same, they break down!

"Now, with the Ipsab, we are adding to that, in a systematic way and manner in the body, which will supply to the mucous membranes of the glands themselves - that are acted upon by the glands of the secretions in the mouth, or those ducts that make for the conditions. That is why, then, it is seen, that with the use of this combination or compound as we find in Ipsab, when properly put together, we have those elements that supply to those ducts and glands and secretions within the mouth those elements to call for or produce the better activity within the system, that will bring about the action of those glands that will secrete and keep those conditions within the mouth itself or the teeth, that are GROWN within the BODY itself! So, we not only add to the ability of the system to BUILD these conditions within the mouth, but there are those properties in one of the elements that are destructive (combined with the Calcium Chloride and the elements of the vegetable forces) to the secretions that arise by this activity of acid in an alkalin reacting condition, to bring about not only the destruction but to produce in the mouth a normal, healthy condition in same.

"Then, this is what happens when Ipsab is used where a mouth indicates that there is the bleeding or the receding, or the activity of properties in the system. First: The properties in same act upon the defective conditions to produce a cleansing, and an attacking of the influences that make for the conditions that are destructive to enamel and to the tissue itself. Also there is a stimulation to the glands, that make for an activity in the system itself to produce a greater activity in the direction that will overcome those conditions in the system. So, if these properties are used in a consistent way and manner, we will bring to such a body a normal, HEALTHY condition in the mouth; PROVIDED, to be sure, that the condition does not arise from some more subtle cause in other portions of the body, or that there is not taken such properties as iron in certain states, or lead, or copper, to make for destructive forces to the enamel itself, or of the glands in the system."