Reading # 5753-1

This psychic reading was given by Edgar Cayce at his home, on the 16th day of June, 1933, at 5pm, before the Second Annual Congress of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., in accordance with request by those present.

GC: You will give at this time a comprehensive discourse on reincarnation. If the soul returns to the earth through a succession of appearances, you will explain why this is necessary or desirable and will clarify through explanation the laws governing such returns. You will answer the questions which will be asked on this subject.

EC: Yes. In giving even an approach to the subject sought here, it is well that there be given some things that may be accepted as standards from which conclusions - or where parallels - may be drawn, that there may be gathered in the minds of those who would approach same some understanding, some concrete examples, that may be applied in their own individual experience.

Each soul that enters, then, must have had an impetus from some beginning that is of the Creative Energy, or of a first cause.

What, then, was - or is - the first cause; for if there be law pertaining to the first cause it must be an unchangeable law, and is - IS - as "I AM that I am!" For this is the basis from which one would reason:

The first cause was, that the created would be the companion for the Creator; that it, the creature, would - through its manifestations in the activity of that given unto the creature - show itself to be not only worthy of, but companionable to, the Creator.

Hence, every form of life that man sees in a material world is an essence or manifestation of the Creator; not the Creator, but a manifestation of a first cause - and in its own sphere, its own consciousness of its activity in that plane or sphere.

Hence, as man in this material world passes through, there are the manifestations of the attributes that the consciousness attributes to, or finds coinciding with, that activity which is manifested; hence becomes then as the very principle of the law that would govern an entrance into a manifestation.

Then a soul, the offspring of a Creator, entering into a consciousness that became a manifestation in any plane or sphere of activity, given that free-will for its use of those abilities, qualities, conditions in its experience, demonstrates, manifests, shows forth, that it reflects in its activity towards that first cause.

Hence in the various spheres that man sees (that are demonstrated, manifested, in and before self) even in a material world, all forces, all activities, are a manifestation. Then, that which would be the companionable, the at-oneness with, the ability to be one with, becomes necessary for the demonstration or manifestation of those attributes in and through all force, all demonstration, in a sphere.

Because an atom, a matter, a form, is changed does not mean that the essence, the source or the spirit of it has changed; only in its form of manifestation, and NOT in its relation with the first cause. That man reaches that consciousness in the material plane of being aware of what he does about or with the consciousness of the knowledge, the intelligence, the first cause, makes or produces that which is known as the entering into the first cause, principles, basis, or the essences, that there may be demonstrated in that manifested that which gains for the soul, for the entity, that which would make the soul an acceptable companion to the Creative Force, Creative Influence. See?

As to how, where, when, and what produces the entrance into a material manifestation of an entity, a soul:

In the beginning was that which set in motion that which is seen in manifested form with the laws governing same. The inability of destroying matter, the ability of each force, each source of power or contact - as it meets in its various forms, produces that which is a manifestation in a particular sphere. This may be seen in those elements used in the various manifested ways of preparing for man, in many ways, those things that bespeak of the laws that govern man's relationship to the first cause, or God.

Then, this is the principle:

Like begets like. Those things that are positive and negative forces combine to form in a different source, or different manifestation, the combinations of which each element, each first principle manifested, has gained from its associations - in its activities - that which has been brought to bear by self or that about it, to produce that manifestation.

Hence man, the crowning of all manifestations in a material world - a causation world, finds self as the cause and the product of that he (man), with those abilities given, has been able to produce, or demonstrate, or manifest from that he (the soul) has gained, does gain, in the transition, the change, the going toward that (and being of that) from which he came.

Periods, times, places: That which is builded, each in its place, each in its time.

This is shown to man in the elemental world about him. Man's consciousness of that about him is gained through that he, man, does about the knowledge of that he is, as in relation to that from which he came and towards which he is going.

Hence, in man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as to know whither he is going.

Ready for questions.

(Q) What is meant by inequality of experience? Is it a strong argument for reincarnation?

(A) Considering that which has just been presented, isn't it the same argument?

(Q) Is experience limited to this earth plane?

(A) As each entity, each soul, in the various consciousnesses, passes from one to another, it - the soul - becomes conscious of that about self in that sphere - to which it, the entity, the soul attains in a materially manifested way or manner.

Hence the entity develops THROUGH the varied spheres of the earth and its solar system, and the companions of varied experiences in that solar system, or spheres of development or activity; as in some ways accredited correctly to the planetary influences in an experience. The entity develops THROUGH those varied spheres.

Hence the sun, the moon, the stars, the position in the heavens or in all of the hosts of the solar systems that the earth occupies - all have their influence in the same manner (this is a very crude illustration, but very demonstrative) that the effect of a large amount of any element would attract a compass. Drawn to! Why? Because of the influence of which the mind element of a soul, an entity, has become conscious!

A soul, an entity, is as real as a physical entity, and is as subject to laws as the physical body as subject to the laws in a material world and the elements thereof!

Does fire burn the soul or the physical body?

Yet, self may cast self into a fire element by doing that the soul knows to be wrong!

What would make a wrong and a right? A comparison of that the soul knows its consciousness to be in accord or contrarywise with, in relation to that which gave it existence.

(Q) Are not transferred memories misappropriated by individuals and considered to be personal experiences?

(A) Personal experiences have their influence upon the inner soul, while disincarnate entities (that may be earth-bound, or that may be heaven-bound) may influence the thought of an entity or a mind.

But, who gives the law to have an element to influence, whether from self or from others? That same as from the beginning. The WILL of the soul that it may be one with the first cause.

In the material, the mental, and the spiritual experience of many souls, many entities, it has been found that there BE those influences that DO have their effect upon the thought of those that would do this or that. Who gives it? Self!

Just as it is when an entity, a body, fills its mind (mentally, materially) with those experiences that bespeak of those things that add to the carnal forces of an experience. Just so does the mind become the builder throughout. And the mental mind, or physical mind, becomes CARNALLY directed!

The mind is the builder ever, whether in the spirit or in the flesh. If one's mind is filled with those things that bespeak of the spirit, that one becomes spiritual-minded.

As we may find in a material world: Envy, strife, selfishness, greediness, avarice, are the children of MAN! Longsuffering, kindness, brotherly love, good deeds, are the children of the spirit of light.

Choose ye (as it has ever been given) whom ye will serve.

This is not beggaring the question! As individuals become abased, or possessed, are their thoughts guided by those in the borderland? Certainly! If allowed to be!

But he that looks within is higher, for the spirit knoweth the Spirit of its Maker - and the children of same are as given. And, "My Spirit beareth witness with thy spirit," saith He that giveth life!

What IS Life? A manifestation of the first cause - God!

(Q) Explain, in the light of reincarnation, the cycle of development towards maturity in individuals.

(A) As an individual in any experience, in any period, uses that of which it (the soul or entity) is conscious in relation to the laws of the Creative Forces, so does that soul, that entity, develop towards - what? A companionship with the Creative influence!

Hence karma, to those disobeying - by making for self that which would be as the towers of Babel, or as the city of Gomorrah, or as the fleshpots of Egypt, or as the caring for those influences in the experience that satisfy or gratify self without thought of the effect upon that which it has in its own relation to the first cause! Hence to many this becomes as the stumblingblock.

It is as was given by Him, "I am the way. No man approaches the Father but by me." But, does a soul crucify the flesh even as He, when it finds within itself that it must work out its own salvation in a material world, by entering and re-entering that there may be made manifest that consciousness in the soul that would make it a companion with the Creator?

Rather is the law of forgiveness made of effect in thine experience, through Him that would stand in thy stead; for He is the way, that light ever ready to aid when there is the call upon - and the trust of the soul in - that first cause!

Has it not been given that there IS an influence in the mind, the thought of man, from the outside? Then, would those that have lost their way become the guides and both fall in the ditch? or would the soul trust in the Way, and the Light, and seek in that way that there may be shown the light?

What caused the first influences in the earth that brought selfishness? The desire to be as gods, in that rebellion became the order of the mental forces in the soul; and sin entered.

(Q) What is the strongest argument against reincarnation?

(A) That there is the law of cause and effect in MATERIAL things. But the strongest argument against reincarnation is also, turned over, the strongest argument for it; as in ANY principle, when reduced to its essence. For the LAW is set - and it happens! though a soul may will itself NEVER to reincarnate, but must burn and burn and burn - or suffer and suffer and suffer! For, the heaven and hell is built by the soul! The companionship in God is being one with Him; and the gift of God is being conscious of being one with Him, yet apart from Him - or one with, yet apart from, the Whole.

(Q) What is the strongest argument for reincarnation?

(A) Just as given. Just turn it over; or, as we have outlined.

We are through for the present. - Edgar Cayce reading # 5753-1 (June 16, 1933)