(From reading #3542-1 given for a 50 year old female)

"As the present condition exists, it would be better for the hemorrhoids to be removed by operative measures, provided this is done when there is a better condition in the general blood supply. However, these disturbances may be aided and relieved, if certain applications will be made. And if changes are made in climate, and certain activities in exercise are taken, we may eliminate these as surely as if they were removed by a knife - but it would require a much longer period.

"If there is the choice of the body not to have the operation for the hemorrhoids, do prepare a combination of oils to be injected into the rectum. Put one drop of carbolic acid in an ounce of olive oil and mix thoroughly, as with mortise and pestle. Then add this to an ounce of Usoline or Nujol, again stirring thoroughly. These are to be put together so that every atom of the combination has the acid in same. A tablespoonful of this injected into the rectum, about once a week, using a baby syringe, will relieve and take away the tension.

"Also take this exercise - this is provided the change is made in climate and the body decides against the operative measures - though the operation will remove and relieve the hemorrhoid irritation at once:

"Each morning on arising and each evening before retiring; stand erect - gradually rise on the toes (without any shoes on) and at the same time gradually raise the hands directly above the head, straight up. Then bend forward just as far as possible. Do this three times, night and morning. These will bring better conditions for this body."

(From reading #5559-1 given for a 37 year old female)

(Question): "What will relieve the hemorrhoids?"

(EC): "These will be relieved most by the correction of the condition as is producing same, which is the tendency towards those conditions as have been outlined. An active force in same will be for the body - that is, in the correction - to at least TWICE each day bend forward, with a bending exercise, as RAISES all of the organs upward, see? and when the properties are being taken - that is, medicinal forces, as well as manipulations - use Tim ointment for same, see?"

(From reading #3678-1 given for a 19 year old male)

(Question): Will this treatment correct the hemorrhoids?

(EC): "Will aid. The exercises should correct this condition, when the alimentary canal is cleansed. Take the exercise daily as we have indicated for this condition: Standing erect, gradually rise on the toes, at the same time, raising the hands slowly from the side, arms extended, until they are high above the head. Then bend forward as if trying to touch the floor with the finger tips. This done several times each day, very slowly, will gradually lift the sphincter muscle and thus remedy the hemorrhoid condition."

(From reading #3550-1 given for a 62 year old female)

(Question): "What should be done for hemorrhoids?"

(EC): "Change the conditions in the body. Prepare a combination of oils to be injected. This may cause a bit of irritation but using this regularly, about once every ten days, we may eliminate these conditions entirely. Put two drops of carbolic acid in one ounce of glycerine and beat together very thoroughly, then add two ounces of Usoline. Stir, mix or shake this very thoroughly, and then use a baby syringe for injecting into the rectum - this quantity should be sufficient for at least two or three injections. This will remove the tensions there. But it is more important to sir the circulation and the eliminations, and to remove the toxic forces in the manners indicated. This will eliminate the soreness in the duodenum, through the alimentary canal and relieve the tension on the heart, the liver and kidneys. And the throat should clear up in the first series of applications to the gall duct and caecum area."