The blood supply... carries in same the effects of disturbances through the activity of the glands, making for disorders in the eliminations... (the blood lacks) sufficient oxygen to purify the whole blood stream ... to create the proper resistances...

As to the nervous system...incoordinations between the mental reaction and the physical forces of the body...

The organs of the body show their disturbances through the glands' activity... (through) the lung supply or blood activity, and in the heart's action... also in the digestive system ... inability for the proper assimilations... Reading #739-1 (F 30) the nervous system disturbances which cause severe attacks of headaches.

The blood supply indicates a taxation in the nervous system, as well as poor eliminations.

These ... affect also the digestive forces, by the natural ABNORMAL condition of the stomach itself.

...pressures arising - through the pneumogastric and hypogastric nerve plexus, through the secondary cardiac plexus area, combined with the vagus nervous system - that produce the greater disturbances through temples, sometimes eyes, at other times the top of the head. These are SEVERE reactions to the nerve centers that are reflexed in the activity of the digestive and assimilating system. such a manner until the nervous forces of the body and the reactions of the digestive system do give disturbances to the body in many ways.

This as we find was primarily a glandular disturbance...

However, the primary cause lies in a subluxation... through the lumbar and sacral area.

Thus we have sick headaches, or the character of headaches in which distress is caused both from the cerebrospinal and the nervous system.

There is a form of nervous indigestion ... making for the slowness with which the digestive forces have acted or have emptied ...

The blood supply indicates the nervous strain ... the katabolism ... is naturally upset ... through the digestive forces more than the metabolism of the body.

...conditions to which the body becomes allergic in the digestive system should be looked for - that deal with all migraine headaches.

So, this information might be used universally as to the sources of such, if it would be accepted. For, here we find such in its beginnings, and is in the digestive system, causing - through a state of circulation - an inflammation in the connections of the intestinal tract through which blood and nerve supply bring nutriment and activity to these portions of the body.

...we would administer those activities which would bring a normal reaction through these portions, stimulating them to an activity from the body itself, rather than the body becoming dependent upon supplies that are robbing portions of the system to produce activity in other portions, or the system receiving elements or chemical reactions being supplied without arousing the activity of the system itself for a more normal condition.

Thus these conditions taken in these beginnings may be eradicated entirely from the system; but the taking of sedatives of any form only adds fire to the condition. True, it may ease for the moment, but it requires continued excesses of same that involve the gastric flow even of other portions of the system. However, if the correct applications are made, the causes of the condition may be removed.

As we find, these may be builded back to a near normal manner, if there is the consistent and persistent effort on the part of the body, but necessitating the applications - in a consistent and persistent manner - that may in the beginning appear to be aggravating rather than allaying.

But if there is the persistency, we will find we may be able to remove those inclinations for the lack of coordination in the nerve reflexes and the nerve impulses, and through same stimulate the circulation to a more normal activity.

And thus through the foods or the diets apply those necessary elements for the creating of a balance in the chemical reactions of the system as between the sodas, the potashes - or the alkalinity and the acidity - and the reactions for the body of the ability for replenishing itself.

In the matter of the diet: Beware of ANY character of food that even creates a great quantity of alcohol, or of ANY alcohol, or of drinks that carry alcohol. Those drinks with a little charged water would be very well - as Coca Cola or Orangeade or the like, if taken once or twice a day; for their reaction upon the system as related to especially the hepatic or the kidney AND liver circulation would be good.

Beware of starches or combinations of starches that produce the excesses.

Let this be rather as an outline, though not JUST these foods taken - but foods of these natures:

Mornings - citrus fruit juices, or whole wheat cereals - as Maltex or Crushed Wheat, that are well, WELL cooked (but do not combine cereals AND citrus fruits at the same meal!). These may be altered at times also with stewed fruits; as figs, the pie plant, or tomato juice - that may be taken in preference to the citrus fruit juices. But all of these should be taken at one time or another. Coffee may be taken if it is desired, with brown toast at the meal - but WITHOUT cream or milk in same!

Noons - preferably have as a portion of same only raw vegetables combined together. Vegetable juices may be taken at this time. The shell fish may be taken at this time, in their various forms.

Evenings - only the vegetables and meats that are well cooked and well balanced. No fried foods at any time. The meats should consist principally of fish, fowl or lamb. Have three vegetables above the ground to one below the ground.

Here, with this body, it would require sufficient colonic irrigations, scientifically given, to keep the colon cleansed for a period sufficient for reaction of the body energies themselves in supplying nutriment to the folds in the colon itself.

This extends and becomes much more active in the jejunum (this is speaking universally now, not in this individual case) but its beginnings are in the area (as in this particular body) of the caecum - where the jejunum empties into the colon for further digestion and absorption by body forces.

Hence with this body, to be sure, throughout these periods keep away from excesses of sweets, especially chocolate and any sedimentary forces (such as brans or as raisins). Prunes will work just the opposite, for these carry another form of activity to the walls of the system itself. It would be well to include prunes in the diet, if they are cooked - or even fresh. Plums of all natures, then, are very well to be taken.

Certain forms of apples are well, but most of these for this body through these periods should be cooked.

Water cress, especially, should be taken - and these raw; including celery and lettuce; at times carrots. All of these grated and combined with the gelatin would be much better for the body.

Do drink plenty of water, at least six to eight glasses of water each day.

Do have sufficient enemas, scientifically given, to cleanse all mucous from the body. This may be done each time the colonic is given. So put them about ten days to two weeks apart, and there should be required at least four or five of these.

During that same period, relax the body osteopathically; with special reference to reducing a lesion that exists between the 6th and 7th dorsal.

Do these, being mindful of the diet, and we will correct conditions for this body. These are the sources of migraine headaches. [Reading #3326-1 (F 13) 10/29/43]