The following Edgar Cayce readings' excerpts indicate that E.S.P. (psychic ability) is something available to all of us.

*...There may be specific tests in Mind Reading, Telepathy, Thought Transference, Moving of Objects even; yet these when presented out of their realm of activity dealing with the individual for a helpful experience in the seeking, become channels that are of an entirely different nature - and partake, as we have given, either of subconscious impressions or the activities of consciousnesses in the realm of the inter-between that would become as detrimental to the value of such information in the experience of consecrated seeking individuals for their aid and help to an understanding of their relationships to Creative Forces in this particular experience.

"Hence the manner as we would find that there should be the study:

"Take the information, the data, or the regular routine of seekers. Find their relationships, their mental attitudes, their desires, their hopes. And then watch the effect of the varied status of condition or development, first of the individual and then the effects that are produced in the lives of such individuals. Not only from the purely physical angle but the moral, the mental and the spiritual activities and relations of same in the individual's experience.

"And if these, or a series, or a continuation of the studies of such would be undertaken by one such as we find as has been indicated - as [1135] - we would find there may be almost every form of psychic phenomena and psychic experience.

"For as we have given, there are almost as many types of psychic phenomena or psychic experience as there are individuals.

"For PSYCHIC is of the soul, if in its true constructive sense. And as the soul is an individual, intricate portion of the whole, then the experience of each soul in its reaction with, upon or from experiences in that field of activity, presents a study within itself.

"This then as we find should be rather that to any group or any university:

"There be presented what has been the experience of individuals taken in every way and manner that have been recorded by the Association and those interested in same. If these do not present sufficient truth, sufficient confidence of there being not only the unusual but that which the individuals applying - not merely knowing of but applying in their experience day by day - will make them as individuals better citizens, better neighbors, better parents, better friends, then forget it!

"For unless such experiences create such in the lives of individuals that interest or apply themselves in the study of such, then it is indeed of little thought; nor has it any place in man's experience, and is not worthy of a name or consideration of ANY sort - or of any soul.

"Then, these are the manners as we would give for the consideration:

"If experiments are sought, these then must be weighed in the light of that given.

"MANY an individual, many a personage has given his all for the demonstrating of a truth. As it has been indicated from the first through THIS channel, there should ever be that ideal, "What does such information as may come through such a channel produce in the experience of individuals, as to not their thoughts, not their relations other than does such make them better parents, better children, better husbands, better wives, better neighbors, better friends, better citizens?" And if and when it does NOT, LEAVE IT ALONE!"

"Ready for questions

(Q) "[1135] presents the following plan. Advise us if this may be undertaken through this channel. The plan: Please describe contents of package on filing case in Room 215, Schermerhorn Extension, Columbia University, N.Y."

(EC) "This may be done; and if [1135] and those of the Association and their ideals and officers consider it worth it to be done, it will be done!"

But REMEMBER - what has been given!

We are through."

Edgar Cayce reading #1135-6) (November 11, 1936)

"...But begin to study all phases of psychic phenomena, though don't begin with automatic writing. For this would soon lead to such channels as to be more detrimental than beneficial. But begin to read the scripture, searching for those portions of same that give the warning, as well as the instruction as to how one would seek to be an individual who may give a great deal to mankind. This undertaken, the entity may set itself to be of a great help to others through any phase of psychic forces it would choose to demonstrate.

"Study also astrological subjects, not as termed by some, but rather in the light of that which may be gained through a study of His word. For, as it was given from the beginning, those planets, the stars, are given for signs, for seasons, for years, that man may indeed (in his contemplation of the universe) find his closer relationships.

"For man is made a co-creator with the Godhead. Not that man is good or bad according to the position of the stars, but the position of the stars brings what an individual entity has done about God's plan into the earth activities during those individual periods when man has the opportunity to enter or come into material manifestations.

"In the study, forsake not, of course, the true way and light. As is given from the beginning: God said, "Let there be light" and there was light, and that light became, and is the light of the world. For it is true that light, that knowledge, the understanding of that Jesus who became the Christ, is indeed thy elder brother and yet Creator, Maker of the universe; and thus are ye a part of same and a directing influence.

"And it is with what spirit ye entertain that ye measure that kind of helpfulness to thy Maker. Do what thou doest intuitionally, or as the spirit moves thee."