From READING #2455-2 (F 28) given on May 21, 1941

"As we find, in some directions there is apparently at times even more irritation in the superficial circulation, - from the conditions that exist, as will be indicated. However, in many other directions there is much improvement, - as in the corrections that have been made to set up a better coordination in the eliminating systems.

"The conditions that exist through the thinning of the walls of the intestines allow the poisons to find expressions in the lymph circulation; thus producing the irritation to and through the epidermis itself.

"Through the warm weather these show the tendency for greater activity in the perspiratory system; thus causing greater irritations and a good deal of anxiety to the body."

"As we find, now, we would do these:

"Twice to three times each week we would take internally about two ounces at the time of Yellow Saffron Tea. This would be prepared in the proportions of a heaping teaspoonful to a pint of boiling water, allowed to steep as ordinary tea; or half a teaspoonful to a cup of boiling water, see? This should be made fresh each time it is to be taken.

"Also about twice each week - but on opposite days - we would take about half a pint, or more, of Mullein Tea. Preferably, at this season, the Mullein should be gathered fresh. Use an ounce (in weight) of the flower and leaf of the Mullein to a quart of boiling water. Let this steep as ordinary tea, and it may be kept for a period of a week, provided it is put inthe ice box or kept very cold.

"In the evenings when the bath is taken, we would apply Cuticura Ointment followed by Resinol - both applied, you see, one following the other. Apply these especially over the areas of the abrasions. Do not apply it in the hair, but around the edges - and on all other portions of the body where the skin is irritated. If we rid the condition from the system, then these disturbances should be eliminated.

"Keep close to the diets that have been indicated; cutting down on the foods that give the great quantity of calories, increasing those that give the greater vitamin content; especially B-1 and B-4 - as in all foods that are yellow in color. Yellow corn meal made in bread, cakes, mush or the like; carrots both raw and cooked; yellow peaches - let these be practically the only sweets taken.

"The grape juice we would keep consistently, to supply the vital forces as in B-4 for the body.

"This is a reducing diet as well as a diet for the skin irritation, you see.

"Occasionally - once in ten days or the like - we would STILL have the osteopathic adjustments.

"After the teas have been taken for at least two or three weeks, we would then add the low electrical vibrations of the Violet Ray; not the bulb applicator, but the rod applicator to be held in the hand - and when this is taken it would be preferable to put the bare feet on glass. Just hold the rod in the hand, you see; one time the right hand, the next time the left hand, if so desired. When this is begun, take it for about three minutes at the time, three times a week - but NOT until there has been the effect of the properties in the system (from the Mullein and Saffron Tea). Just use the rod in the hand, you see; instead of alternating to the feet - though if you want to play with using it on the feet, alright! It isn't necessary - just the alteration from one hand to the other will be sufficient to get the vibratory force needed for the body.

"Be mindful that there are no carbonated waters, and that no sugars to any great extent are taken into the system - if the body would be rid of these conditions."

From READING # 2455-3 (F 28) given on September 25, 1941

(Question) "Please give exact diet to eliminate psoriasis."
(EC) "This has been indicated. Do not become so given to diet as to say "I can't eat this," and "I shouldn't do that," but follow closely that as has been suggested. Keep away from those combinations of starches, from fats, and from those things as indicated. DO take plenty of the fruit juices, kraut juices, tomato juices, and those to aid in the eliminations. Prune juices and those of such natures are beneficial."

(Question) "Should this diet be continued even after psoriasis has disappeared from body?"
(EC) "As has been indicated, it should be continued for some months afterward."

(Question) "Is there any other suggestion for removing psoriasis from my scalp?"
(EC) "Those things as indicated, using the Carbolated Vaseline, are the better to use."

"Do these and, as we find, we will bring and keep the better forces for this body."

(Question) "Is the osteopathic treatment necessary for the psoriasis?"
(EC) "It is a part of that treatment."

Dr. John Pagano has studied and applied this material for over 15 years, obtaining results that can only be described as fantastic. He has given many lectures on the subject as well as been a guest on numerious radio and televison shows, including:

Alternatives hosted by Dr. Ronald Hoffman on WOR New York;

Alternative Medicine on cable TV, hosted by Richard Crayhon; and,

America's Talking on CNBC.

Here's a brief outline of Dr. Pagano's findings:

Psoriasis is:

1 - The external manifestation of the body's attempt to eliminate internal toxins that have accumulated in the lymphatics and blook stream by "seeping" thru thin intestinal walls;

2 - It is characterized by inflamed patches (lesions) with silvery scales of skin that slough off in three to four days instead of the normal twenty-eight day period;

3 - It is alleviated, controlled, or even possibly cured by taking the neccessary steps to heal the intestinal wall and by opening up the normal channels of elimination as well as preventing furthur toxins from entering the system.

Dr. Pagano's Natural Alternative Regimen

1 - Internal cleansing
2 - A cleansing
but nutritious diet
3 - Specific Herb teas
4 - Adjustments of the spine
5 - External applications
6 - Right thinking.

All the information needed to overcome psoriasis can be found in Dr. Pagano's book: Healing Psoriasis: the Natural Alternative.

If you would like more information check out his web site at:

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