From READING #988-10 given on December 3, 1935

''Of course, there are cycles of varied activities of the system. The body replenishes itself every seven years in toto. What is acting today may be tomorrow another cycle of another portion's activity. Well, you can write books on these - for they are each indicated.''

From READING #47-1 given on January 26, 1923

(Question): What are the length of the cycles which come to this body?

(EC): ''Each organ has its own cycle; the cycle as given here is the period of seven years, as time is reckoned from the physical plane. The cycles for the organs vary in their development.

''Follow the lines as we have given for the best for this body physically, spiritually, mentally and financially.''

From READING #5271-1 given on June 17, 1944

(Question): What should my normal menstrual cycle be?

(EC): ''Twenty-six to twenty-eight days.''

(Question): When is my fertile period?

(EC): ''The first three to five days before the menstrual periods.''

From READING #5522-2 given on October 7, 1929

(Question): Should the treatments be continued daily?

(EC): ''They should, for at least another twenty-eight days. Why twenty-eight days? for this is a cycle of functional reaction with the eliminating systems, and with the changes as should be inaugurated, in the character of eliminations set up, and changes made by the change of vibratory forces in the use of same, this should require at least that period, and then this could be judged by the reactions as have taken place.''

From READING #133-4 given on July 28, 1934

''For the blood supply is added to three times each day if meals are taken, else we would never recuperate or change a whole body every seven years; it is a CONSTANT growth. No condition of a physical nature should be REMAINING unless it has been hamstrung by operative forces or strictures or tissue that may not be absorbed; and even this may be changed if it is taken patiently and persistently - in ANY body!''

From READING #758-13 given on March 3, 1930

(Question): How often should body have eyes examined?

(EC): ''At least every six weeks. That's near a cycle for the eyes, see?''

From READING #3051-3 given on September 25, 1943

''Cycles change for the teeth during the second year of each cycle. During that year take at least three to four series of Calcios or its equivalent to supply calcium to the system, and it will aid not only the teeth but all the activities of the thyroid glands.''

From READING #796-2 given on March , 1936

''Remember, the body rebuilds and replenishes itself continually. What portion would be the more active in its changes than those that ARE the channels for these very changes - the DIGESTIVE forces of the body; the lungs, the liver, the heart, the digestive system, the pancreas, the spleen? All of these change the more often, so that when it is ordinarily termed that the body has changed each atom in seven years, these organs have changed almost SEVEN TIMES during those seven years!''

From READING #257-249 given on December, 5 1942

''Know, all that may be added to the body is only to enable each organ to reproduce itself in a consistent way and manner, and it will get rid of drosses with its reproduction. For, as in the spiritual life ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding of the law of God, ye also in the mental life grow in unfoldment, in the awareness of thy associations with spiritual and material activities. So in the mental and spiritual, these throw off. For, have ye not heard how that constantly there is the change, and that the body has in a seven-year cycle reproduced itself entirely? No need for anyone, then, to have ANY disturbance over that length of period, if - by common sense - there would be the care taken. But if your mind holds to it, and you've got a stumped toe, it will stay stumped! If you've got a bad condition in your gizzard, or liver, you'll keep it - if you think so?

''But the body, - the physical, the mental and spiritual, - will remove same, if ye will LET it and not hold to the disturbance!''

From READING #820-2 given on February 10, 1935

(Question): Should all treatments suggested be given in periods of two to three weeks, or just the battery?

(EC): ''ALL treatments would be better if there would be a period of treatment, then a period of rest, a period of treatment and then a period of rest.''