From Reading #364-7 Given on 4/05/32

(Question) "Please give the important re-incarnations of Adam in the world's history."

(EC) "In the beginning as Amilius, as Adam, as Melchizedek, as Zend [?], as Ur [?] [Enoch? GD's note: Perhaps Ur was prehistory person [364-9, Par. 3-A] who established Ur of the Chaldees? I don't think he was mentioned anywhere else in the readings as an incarnation of Jesus.], as Asaph [?] [Songs of Asaph? See Ps. 81:5 indicating that Joseph and Asaph were one and the same?], as Jesus [Jeshua] - Joseph - Jesus. [See 364-9, Par. 3-A.]

"Then, as that coming into the world in the second coming - for He will come again and receive His own, who have prepared themselves through that belief in Him and acting in that manner; for the SPIRIT is abroad, and the time draws near, and there will be the reckoning of those even as in the first so in the last, and the last shall be first; for there is that Spirit abroad - He standeth near. He that hath eyes to see, let him see. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear that music of the coming of the Lord of this vineyard, and art THOU ready to give account of that THOU hast done with thine opportunity in the earth as the Sons of God, as the heirs and joint heirs of glory WITH the Son? Then make thine paths straight, for there must come an answering for that THOU hast done with thine Lord! He will not tarry, for having overcome He shall appear even AS the Lord AND Master. Not as one born, but as one that returneth to His own, for He will walk and talk with men of every clime, and those that are faithful and just in their reckoning shall be caught up with Him to rule and to do JUDGEMENT for a thousand years!"

From Reading # 3011-3 Given on 9/29/43

(Question) "We have been told that the Second Coming of the Master in the flesh would not take place until 1985. Is this approximately correct? Can't we expect to see Him sooner?"

(EC) "How doth He interpret, as to the day or the hour? No man knoweth save the Father. "Live ye then, each soul, as though ye expected him today. Then ye shall see Him as He is, when ye live such a life."

From Reading #5749-2 Given on 6/28/32

(Question) "He said He would come again. What about His second coming?"

(EC) "The time no one knows. Even as He gave, not even the Son Himself. ONLY the Father. Not until His enemies - and the earth - are wholly in subjection to His will, His powers."

(Question) "Are we entering the period of preparation for His coming?"

(EC) "Entering the test period, rather."


Entire Text of READING #5749-5 given on 5/01/34

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 1st day of May, 1934, in accordance with request made by those present.

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis, L. B. and Hugh Lynn Cayce.

Time of Reading 3:35 to 4:00 P. M.

(GC:) "You will have before you Edgar Cayce, present in this room, and his enquiring mind in relation to the talk which he expects to give next Monday evening on the "Second Coming." You will give what he should present at this open meeting on this subject."

(EC:) "That which crowds in at the present may be well for those present, but would it be well for those in open meeting? From this experience, though, there may be gathered that which has been given and that which may be helpful to many in the comprehension of that which is the experience of those that seek through such channels to have for themselves the experience that may be had by those here in this room in the present.

"Be mindful then, each of you, of that ye may inwardly experience in that which may be given you.

"For, those experiences that have been told you of the vision [See EC's dream of a.m.] of the gathering of those that were known to many in this present land and in the lands abroad were in reference to just those things that may be said respecting the Coming.

"Many of these have ministered, have preached concerning this Second Coming. Not a one but what has at some time left the record of his contemplations and experiences in those environs, whether made in the heart and mind of his hearers or in the written word; yet here today, in what ye call time, ye find them gathering in a body to LISTEN to that as may be given them by [Edgar Cayce?] one who is to be a forerunner of that influence in the earth known as the Christ Consciousness, the coming of that force or power into the earth that has been spoken of through the ages.

"Listen, while he speaks!

"Ye, my brethren, in your ignorance and in your zeal have often spoken of that influence in the earth known among men as the record made by those that would influence the activities in the religious or spiritual life of individuals through the ages, as a record of the Son of man as He walked in the earth. Rather would ye listen and harken to those things as He spoke when He made those inferences and illustrations as to how those had closed and did close their ears to what was actually going on about them; yet they knew Him not! He, our Lord and our Master, was the first among those that put on immortality that there might be the opportunity for those forces that had erred in spiritual things; and only through experiencing in a manner whereunto all might be visioned from their greater abilities of manifesting in the various phases, forms and manners as they developed through that ye know as matter, could they come to know how or why or when there was made manifest in any realm spirit that was good and spirit that was in error. For, He gave thee, had ye not KNOWN the Son ye would NOT be condemned in thine own self. For, condemnation was not in Him, but "ye are condemned already." And in the coming into the influence of those that would open themselves for an understanding might there be the approach to Him. He has come in all ages through those that were the spokesmen to a people in this age, that age, called unto a purpose for the manifestation of that first idea.

"Readst thou how the sons of God came together, and Satan came also? "Hast thou considered my servant? Hast thou seen his ways?" And the answer, even from the evil force, "Put forth thine hand - touch him in those things that pertain to the satisfying of desire that is flesh, and he will curse thee to thy face." Then, "He is in thine hand, but touch not his soul - touch not his soul!"

"So we see how that the coming into the earth has been and is for the evolution or the evolving of the soul unto its awareness of the effect of all influences in its experience in the varied spheres of activity; and that only in Him who was the creator, the maker, the experiencer of mortality and spirit and soul COULD this be overcome.

"Then, the necessity. For, has it not been said, has it not been shown in the experience of the earth, the world, from any angle it may be considered, that He has not willed that any should be lost - but has prepared the way of escape in Him, the Maker?

"But who is the worthy servant? He that has endured unto the end!

"Then, He has come in all ages when it has been necessary for the understanding to be centered in a NEW application of the same thought, "God IS Spirit and seeks such to worship him in spirit and in truth!"

"Then, as there is prepared the way by those that have made and do make the channels for the entering in, there may come into the earth those influences that will save, regenerate, resuscitate, HOLD - if you please - the earth in its continued activity toward the proper understanding and proper relationships to that which is the making for the closer relationships to that which is in Him ALONE. Ye have seen it in Adam; ye have heard it in Enoch, ye have had it made known in Melchizedek; Joshua, Joseph, David, and those that made the preparation then for him called Jesus. [GD's note: Essenes, School of Prophets started by Elijah. See Malachi 3 and 4] Ye have seen His Spirit in the leaders in all realms of activity, whether in the isles of the sea, the wilderness, the mountain, or in the various activities of every race, every color, every activity of that which has produced and does produce contention in the minds and hearts of those that dwell in the flesh.

"For, what must be obliterated? Hate, prejudice, selfishness, backbiting, unkindness, anger, passion, and those things of the mire that are created in the activities of the sons of men.

"Then again He may come in body to claim His own. Is He abroad today in the earth? Yea, in those that cry unto Him from every corner; for He, the Father, hath not suffered His soul to see corruption; neither hath it taken hold on those things that make the soul afraid. For, He IS the Son of Light, of God, and is holy before Him. And He comes again in the hearts and souls and minds of those that seek to know His ways."

"These be hard to be understood by those in the flesh, where prejudice, avarice, vice of all natures holds sway in the flesh; yet those that call on Him will not go empty handed - even as thou, in thine ignorance, in thine zealousness that has at times eaten thee up. Yet HERE ye may hear the golden sceptre ring - ring - in the hearts of those that seek His face. Ye, too, may minister in those days when He will come in the flesh, in the earth, to call His own by name."

"We are through." (Reading #5749-5)