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I have thouroughly enjoyed your page, however, i would like to see more indepth information for all of Edgar Cayce's readings.


I was very interested in all of Edgar Cayce's readings. Alot of the readings I did not understand though. I would love to read it again in simpler terms, even someone's own personal views on what he or she thought Edgar Cayce was trying to put across to us all.


fantastic informtion

bonnie j...

Does Mr. Cayce have any readings on the treatment of Tourette Syndrome?
Thank you for any help you can give me.

Alex M...

Could you enlighten me as to wether animals both domestic or wild have souls in the sense that we have ,Can you have a companion other than a person who moves with you through your lives (animal that is).

I am looking for information on natural remedies to prevent gum recession. Are there any in the Cayce material?

Brian A...

Saw TV program which mentions E.C. I found the web site interesting. Thanks

Phil C...

Thank you for putting out this web site! Edgar is an inspiration, or should be, to us all! It's good to know that more people can now get his message electronically.

I think Jess Stern's book Intimates Through Time should be listed. I consider it one of the best along with Many Mansions



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