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Thurs, 23 Dec 1999
Subject: Edgar Cayce Readings

Exciting NEWS: The entire Edgar Cayce readings from the CD ROM disk are now available on the internet!!!!

Subject: egyptian heritage
Fri, 06 Aug 1999

Hi, I first apologize the sudden mail sent to you. I am an engineer in Japan, and I do some research on the lost continent of Atlantis.

I read your writing on the web page: and I wonder if you know
what I need to know. I read the book by Mark Lehner "The Egyptian Heritage." But, since the book was a Japanese translated version, I have several problems continuing my research. Few pages right before the chapter 3 begins (the end of chapter2), there are diagrams of Temple Beautiful. There Lehner says the name of the city then was called Eiselao (Aiselao?). Do you have any idea how you actually pronounce the name of this city? I found a similar land name in the old myths of Japan which describes how the city used to function.

Thank you for sparing time reading this mail, and I look forward your reply.

Sun, 1 Aug 1999

The word "site" is misspelled word on your index page... You have it typed as follows: "We would like to know what you think of this web stie."

(ID) Ralph

Thanks, Ralph, for catching that typo <blush>. . . it has been corrected. . .


Subject: Kudos
Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Thank you for putting up a great Cayce site. It has been very frustrating to find that the A.R.E. doesn't make the Cayce information available freely. You are certainly doing a very worthwhile service.

I have been involved with the Cayce information since the early 60s. My path has been divergent, but I always have kept his knowlege in my heart. Although I have been remiss in living by all his precepts, I have never doubted the truth of them. I am interested in finding others who have returned in a round-about route. Should they read this my email is:

(ID) Janetmae

Mon, 26 Jul 1999

you have an error in the first paragraph. he DIED in hopkinsville, KY. I live in hopkinsville, and his grave is not 2 miles from my house in riverside cemetary. his wife is also buried here.

(ID) synlover

The information on where Edgar Cayce died was obtained from the book "There is a River". . . while it's true that Mr. Cayce is buired in Hopkinsville, KY, he nevertheless died in Virginia Beach, VA.


Wed, 28 Jul 1999

Hi my name is Amy G. . . . I have just finished reading MANY MANSIONS for the first time. It was given to me by a friend, and I am very thankful. I am on a journey of my soul and learning so much. Your web site is yet another link to my search. I am moving to Madison and looking for other like minded people for fellowship. Please contact me if you have any gatherings happening.

(ID) ajgoat

This website is the only "happening" we have at the present time. The Association for Research and Enlightenment (headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA) does conduct lectures throughout the country and has a "Study Group" program.


Thu, 29 Jul 1999

Tried to order your Natural Medicine Chest on-line, but was unable to do so. Could you please send your free copy to Diane D... B..., .., IL ?

(ID) dianedb

We offer no such item. . . apperently you have our website mixed up with some other . . . sorry, can't help you. . .


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